Paroles et musique : Hervé Savary

Capo 3ème case :

Em C G
Jenny, did you see the world of today
G Bb A7 Bm D6
But do you know why men are so cruel
Em C G
Jenny, you can't nothing you are the prey
G Bb A7 Bm D6
Of this humanity's violence call
CM7 D7 Am
Did you ever heard children cry
F# G7 Dsus4
Because they have lost their parents
CM7 D7 Am
And the sun continues to shine
F# G7 Dsus4
Even if there 're some bad events

Jenny, do you know when the Earth will explode
And which country will obtain the power
Jenny, you have just lived your better period
And you don't know who will be the winner
You can see some blood everywhere
In every cornered-streets, some children are murdered
You don't know how long you will care
Neither how since millions of people have suffered

Jenny, don't be afraid of this sick world
Life keeps us some pretty things
Jenny, you must imperatively hold
And as long you can, sing
You will see the world in an another colour
If you decide to change it
You will forget the name of Pearl Harbour
Therefor sing instead of hit


© Hervé Savary, 2002, Dijon