It is not because you are

When I[C] have rencontred [Am]you,
you was a[F] jeune fille au [G]pair,
and I [C]put a spell on [Am]you,
and you [F]roule a pelle to [G]me,
Together we go partout,
on my mob it was super,
it was friday on my mind,
it was a story d'amou-our.

It is [C]not because you [Am]are,
I love [F]you because i [G]do
c'est pas [C]parc'que you are [Am]me,
qu'I am [F]you, qu'I am you[D#+]
(fin of the refrain.)

You was really beautiful
in the middle of the foule
Don't let me misunderstood
Don't let me sinon i boude
My loving, my marshmallow,
you are belle and i are beau
you give me all what you have
i said thank you, you are bien brave
I wanted marry with you
and make love very beaucoup
to have a max of children
just like Stone and Charden
But one day that must arrive
together we disputed
For a stupid story of fric
we decide to divorced
(this is the musical bridge)
You chialed comme une madeleine
not me, I have my digniti
you tell me: you are sale mec!
i tell you: poil to the bec!
That's comme ga that you thank me
to have learning you English?
Eh! that's not you qui m'a appris,
my grand-father was rosbeef.

Paroles et musique : RENAUD